Housework and the Normalization of the ‘Clueless Man’

Un article intéressant paru dans Feminism in India sur le travail domestique et la normalisation de l’idée selon laquelle les hommes seraient “désemparés” et “dépassés” face aux tâches ménagères; une tendance qui s’accentuerait dans le contexte actuel de confinement.

“Housework and the normalization of the ‘clueless man'”,  par Sukanya Shaji, 20 mai 2020.

Quelques extraits:

“The narrative of the “man who is lost in the domestic space without a woman” is deep rooted in patriarchy and its assignment of gender roles to domestic responsibilities. This kind of nuanced, hidden sexism in our domestic spaces is now becoming more evident in the context of the Covid-19 lockdown. More people at home means more food to be cooked, more clothes to be washed and more similar chores to be done. Women are by default, expected to be in charge of household work even if they have schedules of work that are as hectic or sometimes busier than their male counterparts.”

“The lockdown time may have forced them to participate in activities they priorly did not have to and hence, they are allowed to mess up. Men, like everyone else, mess up and are welcome to learn from their mistakes, but this is not about that. This is about the normalization and popular acceptance of a full-grown adult man’s absolute lack of know-how about basic life skills like cooking, cleaning and organizing.”

“When the cluelessness of the man with respect to housework is normalised, the actual burden is thrust on the woman. As it is, women in our society grow up being fed stories of how their most important task is to succeed at marriage, that being good at anything else causes them to not be liked as much as they should be. When a woman steps up and tries to break out of this, she is told that she has to manage everything by herself – house, relationships and employment.”


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